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Lake County Nature Network

Lake County Nature Network

The Lake County Nature Network ( LCNN ) is a collaborative effort led by several environmental organizations in Lake County that serve to better connect our community to nature-based learning, science, recreation and stewardship activities within Lake County!

Join CCL (Center for Conservation Leadership) representative, Susie Hoffmann, to learn about opportunities at Lake Forest Open Lands and other LCNN partners.

Through its mission to Nurture and Engage the Next Generation of Conservation Leaders, the Center for Conservation Leadership (CCL) develops and empowers high school students from diverse backgrounds who have a keen interest in the environment and a passion for the outdoors. CCL’s comprehensive environmental education programs help students understand the significance of human interaction with the environment and the need to take responsibility for its care and preservation.

CCL is an educational initiative of Lake Forest Open Lands Association, a nationally recognized and accredited land trust that emphasizes environmental education.

Wednesday, December 11, 2019
4:00pm - 6:00pm
Main Floor
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